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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Social values tell us it's more important to be useful than it is to be ourselves. If we decide that our priority is being who we are, does it mean we'll be at odds with society? Not necessarily. 'The Willing Misfit' asserts that we can all live the life that we prefer.

If you've grown up experiencing the world through social values, your life, and everything in it, are products of somebody else's ideas. Laying aside the true expression of self has allowed you to fit in, but if your aim is to live an honest life, you cannot carry on in this direction. 'The Willing Misfit' examines how you can find your own set of values through honesty, and through integrity of thought and action. It offers tools that help to discover what it is to think for yourself, rather than depending on social logic, and best of all, it prompts and encourages you along a path of your own choosing... to reveal your own true selfhood.

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