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Monday, 26 March 2012

Selfhood in Action

Don't make the mistake of defining 'Selfhood' as an easy way out. I certainly don't wish to discourage you from moving in that direction, but if your motivation is simply to avoid, your avoidance will continue to prevail, and prevent you from finding selfhood.

In many ways, the journey to selfhood requires a far greater effort than simply staying put and living through social values. Then why undertake such a journey? Because it's very rewarding to be in integrity; for your senses, thought and action to be in harmony with one another.

Of course, this state will not be achieved right away. Some will take years to find it, others perhaps less; still others, lifetimes. But the challenge of unlearning what you already think you know, and redefining a more truthful life for yourself is not small, as I'm sure you can imagine :-)

Imagine this: You spend your day in watchful alertness. Every thought, every action is considered, weighed, assessed; aligned to your own idea of truth. The assessment becomes easier - not effortless, because there are always new, challenging factors that require a rethinking, a realignment of your truth to your awareness as it expands ever outwards. Your truth is a living thing that changes and develops moment by moment.

Because you no longer operate through a convenient set of social values, it's necessary that you expend energy on this constant reassessing, but this is a most willing undertaking for a person in selfhood, because this is what thinking for yourself is all about.

Sound like it's too hard? it doesn't have to be. Participation in a society in alignment with its values requires a complex web of activity, much of which is carried out with some level of reluctance. When you drop these activities, a rather impressive amount of space, time and energy are now available in your life (you wouldn't credit it!), Which of course balances out very well, because the increased amount of energy required for just *being* from moment to moment, is there as you need it.

In selfhood, you are open to everybody. That means people in your immediate, day to day life, and everyone else, too. Walking down a crowded street, you are aware of every person you pass; open and ready to acknowledge, even interact with, each and every one.

Every action, every interaction, every realignment of truth, is a creative exercise, because it requires a fresh approach from the ground up. There's no convenient template that tells you how to act; what to say; who to be.

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