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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Good Stuff

We turn our backs on our good stuff; the way we would most like to live our lives (telling ourselves it’s a temporary measure, or worse, that our good stuff is a ‘pipe dream’) and focus on getting moneyed up.

A common misconception is that having money allows us to do what we want, that only rich people get to do what they want. Money-rich people are focused on keeping the money they have and/or making more, often to maintain a lifestyle that has swelled with their finances. Ask them if they’re doing what they want every day. They probably aren’t.

We also tend to bullshit ourselves by saying ‘just till I have enough’. We focus on getting a sufficient, regular income together before we feel able to entertain that most vital aspect of our lives: nourishment of self.

Putting the cart before the horse in this way can become a serious habit, and before you know it your main focus in life is survival for its own sake: an endless loop of working to survive and surviving to work. Ugh! Even cavemen knew better!

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