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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


A social framework demands that each member contributes in a way dictated by the framework: they are expected to 'earn their keep'.

When an individual considers the concept of branching off into an alternative way of life; to live life he way they see fit, 'financial viability' is probably the issue that presents the most social resistance. Money underpins all the social definitions of independence, and if there's no clear financial plan in your bid to be yourself, you will appear to be irresponsible, even insane. People will ask, ‘If you choose to remain living among people, how can you not be dependent on society if you refuse to earn your keep in a conventional way?’ Society might well label you a ‘parasite’ if you don’t contribute in the expected fashion. And in the context of their logic, they’d probably be quite right.

But is that a reason for you to keep living a life that doesn't work for you? Must you keep running on the treadmill just to keep it going around?

The important thing to remember is that the best contribution you can make to the world is to be your true self. When you are your true self, you'll be motivated to contribute in a way that suits you; a way that IS you. It doesn’t matter whether or not the social group recognises the value of your contribution: many fine things in the world remain unappreciated and yet are splendid in their own right.

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