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Monday, 19 March 2012

Taking the Plunge

So you've tasted, glimpsed a snapshot moment of your *self* in its most gloriously healthy, honest state; and now you feel motivated to *be* that person - the best version of you that you can imagine - in your everyday waking life.

Taking the plunge, going in to the challenge of selfhood, it can seem like the choices you have to make are way too hard; the stakes way too high. So many aspects of your life that you are emotionally and perhaps financially invested in are on the line.

Let's cut to the chase: You can't go wrong. That's primarily what I want to say - you cannot go wrong. At times it will certainly feel like you are going wrong, but stay open, and stay on the path dictated by your honesty... and some way down the track you'll see it was right after all.

The essential point is this: if you act with integrity, you will only lose those things that are not important. *If* you act with integrity.

Once you’ve thrown yourself into the raging stream, as it were, you often feel raw, but the rawness keeps you in touch with your integrity, so you are more likely to act from it. Stay as present as you can. Listen to, and watch everything, especially yourself.

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