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Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Mirror of Comparison

Standing alone, and living in the manner you think best, can be a difficult challenge. Society asks 'what makes you so special?' and there is the inclination in you to define yourself as something special and better, so you can manage the challenge. But as long as you pretend you are better or worse, you are creating an imbalance in yourself, and ultimately locking yourself into a relationship with society on its terms.

'I'M NOT LIKE THAT!' you say. The 'I' and the 'that' become opposing factors in a living, constant comparison.

When you lock yourself into comparison, you become a negative mirror image of that which you compare yourself to; define yourself in direct correlation to it, and by doing so, anchor yourself to the nature of it. In this way you can stymie from the start your efforts to be yourself.

You may have decided that society's values don't suit you, but if you then decide that makes them WRONG, and you RIGHT, once more you have the problem where you're locking yourself into relationship and comparison. Why anchor yourself, weigh yourself down with such attachments, when the only reward is a squeezing, weakening sense of superiority?

The alternative is actually not an alternative at all - because the very concept of an 'alternative' is a comparative one. What you can do is simply define your life for yourself, and get on with it quietly. If you are on friendly, open terms with those who still align themselves to social values, you might give them something to think about; and then again you might not. It doesn't matter. You must accept their right to do what they think best, and in doing so, you afford yourself the same right.

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