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Monday, 19 March 2012

Dealing With Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a gift, not a curse. But often it feels like the latter, because we live through a filter; a lifetime of associations that cause us to define things in a negative, disempowering way.
The 'gift' is the simple ability to connect with the heart. If we stay conscious of how we relate, we can operate through this ability without the pain that many sensitives suffer.
As we grow up, we unwittingly adopt a whole framework of socially-contrived values. It's essential that a sensitive person learns to think for themselves, because it's these second-hand values that underpin the vast majority of the hurt we associate with the various aspects of everyday life. My book 'Willing Misfit' examines ways we can learn to think for ourselves and realign the way we relate. Rather than go into detail here, I refer you instead to this resource:

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