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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Out of Mind

The Mind

The mind is an incredibly complex computer that happens to be hardwired into your body. And that's all it is. It accesses masses of data stored and cross-referenced from foetus-hood up till today (and who knows what else), but it needn't dictate who you are any more than that old desktop computer you have in the back room.

When you are using your mind to make choices based on honest, healthy assessments, it serves you - as one would expect of any computer - and you are the master. But if you have programmed your mind with a second-hand values system, and reason only through that, you are not the master of your mind: the values system is, because you’re not thinking for yourself.


Your mind is the tool that cross references information to form definitions of yourself and your world. These definitions form a web of logic through which you operate.

Because the socially contrived values system includes things such as expectations of duty according to social role, and various commonly held beliefs regarding property, identity and relationships, its whole logic is biased heavily towards the rights and wrongs of that framework. You cannot use this logic to make choices in alignment with your own personal integrity, and have to redefine how your mind works; build your own independent sense of logic according to your truth.

! Rather than a convenient way to avoid social duties you still feel subject to, your own logic must be based upon a wholly honest view of the world through your own principles.

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