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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Hole

The benefit of operating through a social framework is the convenience of a ready-made life-plan, but the price is the denial of your true individuality. It's become habitual, second nature, to smash down the person you really are, in order to exist in the collective: to *fit*.

The wound this causes deep inside expresses itself as a hole - an emptiness inside - which you constantly look for ways to fill. This hole is the prime aspect that defines human beings as we know them today.

The way you relate to other people, to your work, to material possessions; each is motivated by a need to fill up the hole. To feel more complete. Existence itself becomes a chase, a constant effort to have, to draw in, to trap, to gain. And though you sense on some level that the hole will never be filled by any external influence, you relish the temporary fullness you feel as a result, and continue the chase.

When we make a wholehearted decision to be the most honest, authentic version of ourselves that we can be, we begin a process of filling up the hole from the *inside*: for the only way to effect such a change is from the inside.

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