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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Defining 'Self'

When you define what it is you most want to do with your day, and then do it, you open the way to who you are, but you can't define *you* by that activity, and at the same time retain the freedom of spontaneity that is essential to selfhood. The moment you associate a consistent activity with your identity, you lock down your idea of self. You become unwilling to change, and therefore unable to grow.

What is the Self, Really? A social idea of 'self' is based on ‘what we do for a living'. Let's be clear that this is a social idea; an effort from an external perspective to classify us. The assumption is that we each must have a function in order to fit in to the social framework, and that the role defines who we are. We each of us have to drop this assumption before we can be our true selves.

How then do I define myself? If I’m not defined by my function, what distinguishes me as an individual? The unique weave that represents who you are is far more subtle than a crude social definition. You have certain combinations of strength and perception that you may or may not be aware of, like an array of flavours that give you your unique essence. As you live through your integrity, these flavours will guide your action and imbue everything you do... And as you interact, the nature of the essence will be continually changing; updating and expanding. You will not be the same you from the dawn to dusk of a single day.

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