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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Strength and Weakness

In general, our idea of what it is to be strong; to be weak, is way off-beam.
We see a person with a stiff, unfeeling mask, another who works hard at the expense of all else in life, another who fights and destroys, and we afford a definition of strength, of bravery.

A person who finds themselves greatly challenged might switch off their feelings so they can achieve what it is they feel they need to achieve. This is a kind of strength. But a person who remains in touch with their feelings has a far greater strength. And by definition, they must have great courage to remain sensitive, feeling, in spite of the pain that can bring.

A 'cultured reserve' is how we describe what is considered to be a positive character trait in the social context. The trait may have been arrived at through cultural values, by life experiences or both, but whichever way you look at it, it is a limiting, weakening factor to be reserved, to be aloof; disconnected from others. To remain open - as open as you might with a close friend or even a lover - towards the people you meet in any circumstances, is evidence of real strength.

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