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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient Truth

US politician Al Gore used the term 'inconvenient truth' to describe the way we conveniently ignore the fact of the degeneration of the earth's ecological system. I think the term describes the way people think in general: we’re constantly ignoring aspects of life that are inconvenient to think about, because they clash with the social collective's world view, and threaten our secure place in society.

A society is a web of convenience. It exists in its present form because people want a convenient centralized system of values and action: it provides a framework that tells them what they can expect from society and what society can expect from them.

The benefit of belonging to such a framework is the convenience of a ready-made life-plan, but the price is the denial of your true individuality. It's become habitual, second nature, to smash down the person you really are, in order to exist in the collective: to fit.

The wound this causes deep inside expresses itself as a hole; an emptiness inside which you constantly look for ways to fill.

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